What Sentiment Makes Valuable

by Kites

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released July 11, 2013

Michael Potter, Andrew Evans and Steve McGrath wrote it.
Michael - Drums/Guitar/Vocals
Steve - Bass/Vocals
Andrew - Vocals/Guitar
Seb - Ruined my life
Joshua Amphlett (Pilgrim Records) recorded it.
Seb Wallis snapped the photo and wrote on it.
It was all fun and good, lunch was the best bit.



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Kites Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Acceptance; I Am Loved
As I sat by the pond where I spent most the days that passed, cigarette fervently burning between the shaking tips of my fingers. The rain causing ripples in the water-white noise- caressing my overused skin. A smile swept a cross the pale of my cheeks as I felt a realisation swelling in the holes that I burnt in my chest. I realised that I meant nothing in the grand architecture of the universe, but in my small corner I mean something. I can cause consequence with the snapping of my bones. I love and I am loved.

I accept that I am nothing.
I accept that I am something.
I am so small.
Track Name: Smoove Jazz. Motorbike
I never knew what it was like to stand on a tree so tall,
but then I stood up and saw the sun,
bursting through the clouds and smiling at us
and kissing us on the cheek.
I felt so free and so infinite
and I'm glad I shared that with you.
We seemed so close to the sky even though we were so far away
We smoked our cigarettes and dropped them in the weeds.
And we never hurt each other, no, not even once.

We took photos of what we wanted to see from each other's eyes
We took photos of what we want to remember and I want to remember the sparkle in your eye.

I'm not going to forget the nights we spent,
Throwing rocks towards the road trying not to hit the cars that drove by
Sharing ourselves, making meanings,
Crumbling and putting myself back together in your arms.
Carving memories into the backs of my eyes so that when I wake up to each new sun they reflect through the windows of my soul

Thank you for everything my friends
Track Name: Chamomile
Laying, watching the shadows trickle down the photos on my wall. The moon reflecting from the smiles that taught me how to laugh, that taught me how to hope. Value kept in the art and letters i keep under my desk.
The sentiment I found in the note that you left, inked in your handwriting i read; I'll miss you forever and ever and ever. I blink, I blunk, I'll miss you forever.

Lying underneath a bloated moon, singing to the wind.
There was no more room for emptiness.
We bleed together, we bled.

I hope that you're okay.
You make me feel okay.
You make me feel beautiful.
You make me feel.